Dominion Energy Processing Group, Inc.

Quantum Energy along with our subsidiary company Dominion Energy continues to move forward with our flagship 42,000bbl refinery located in the province of Saskatchewan. Our corporate leadership and engineering teams have proven our abilities to perform at the highest level to support our goals to design, build and operate our first Mid-size refinery model.  We are proud of the achievements to date finding solutions to improve market supply, add value to the local and regional communities that will establish Quantum and Dominion Energy as pioneers in the mid-size refinery industry in the USA and Canadian.
Such opportunities, we are currently researching to support our base refining operations, include Biomass Ethanol Facility capable of producing high density cellulous wheat straw for propose of ethanol blends in gasoline. Upgrade rail systems to provide additional access to the Canadian and US border, exposing provincial industries to a wider market place, and additional infrastructure that would support the communities.
Quantum Energy, Dominion Energy, and our Stakeholders take great pride in making these long-term commitments along with contributing to local markets, cultural opportunities, and supporting economic developments through local and provincial leadership groups.

Design Model

Stoughton Refinery:
This proposed project announced in December 2016 is considered our corporate flagship refinery. Our leadership team and group of dedicated engineers will design and construct one of the finest processing facilities in the world of this kind.  The design model of 42,000bbl was specifically targeted for this type of localized environment to provide premium blended fuels directly into the local economy.
42,000 bbl Bakken Sweet crude
Outputs, patented finish products:
ULS Gasoline 18,800 bbl
ULS Diesel 8,200 bbl
Jet “A” 6,200 bbl
Heating Oils 2,000 bbl
Residual Oil 4,000 bbl
Biomass Ethanol 1,880 bbl

Operating Model

• Local to regional distribution
• Local supply – limited, if any, blending
• Focused / modular infrastructure

• Rail transport
• Truck transport

Performance Model

Product Lines
▪ NGL’s
▪ Gasoline
▪ Jet Fuel
▪ ULS Diesel
▪ Drilling Mud Oil
▪ ULS Fuel Oil
▪ Sulfur
▪ Carbon Dioxide

Design Base Criteria

Dominion Energy, along with our engineers, have vast experiences that have reflected in this concept of D1BM, as well as the size and output nature of the refinery. Operations will be very dependent on the quality and technically advanced equipment to ensure commodity outputs and annual returns are maintained at the highest levels. The refinery is slated to be a modular base design, with off-site fabrication of building and vessels, tanks farms will be stick built, with all other equipment from industry leading vendors to provide turn-key components which have proven durability and success. Our goals, design, construction and operation of this facility, with minimal off-line downtime, increase annual availabilities with superior equipment, and most importantly create a corporate culture where our employees take pride in Corporate Total Quality, Safety Programs, community event programs and pride in providing the finest products for our clients.