Corporate Leadership Team

Andrew J. Kacic

Co-chairman / CEO / Secretary
Mr. Kacic is an experienced oil & gas executive and investment banker with the following background: A seasoned expert in primary and secondary finance strategies, capital management and corporate organization, Mr. Kacic brings more than 28 yrs of progressive experience as a chief executive in investment banking, insurance services, public securities, automotive and oil and gas markets. Mr. Kacic served as CFO of an automotive and RV retailer with annual sales in excess of $350 million.,1999/2001. Mr. Kacic was president and founder of American Resources of Delaware, Inc. and its subsidiary Southern Gas Company. This company grew from $220,000 to $40 million in less than 4 yrs. Mr. Kacic also served as CEO for the oil and gas companies Proper Power & Energy, Inc. and Barclay Road Inc to assist in their SEC filings and corporate restructuring. Mr. Kacic was founder and CEO of Securities Network, Inc. (formerly Design Capital Securities Corp), an Arizona based NASD broker dealer with 22 offices and over 140 registered representatives. Advisory Services, Inc.(ASI) has acted as an advisory and consulting firm since 1982 based in Scottsdale, Arizona. In March of 2004, ASI successfully orchestrated the structuring and funding of a $221 million dollar (Canadian) IPO in Canada that set precedence in the industry.

Raleigh C. Kone

Co-chairman / Executive Vice President
Mr. Kone is a proud Veteran of the United States Army. He served his country as an Aviation Fixed and Rotary Wing Officer and as a Military Intelligence Officer.
Mr. Kone brings more than 34 years of passionate mentoring of Financial Services Professionals and high personal growth and integrity to Quantum Energy. He is an expert at supporting Teams for long-term success.  His personal platform of honesty before corporate profits has strengthened his resolve to do the right thing at the right time.
For nearly 15 years he has been a Managing member of Global Green TK.  An organization dedicated to supporting high technological systems in a quality relationship with our natural resources. Mr. Kone is a tireless advocate of equality, fairness and honest competitive success in all levels of an organization.
Mr. Kone will support Quantum Energy’s mission to grow and develop a World Class Organization as it matures it’s entrepreneurial foundation into a highly successful energy and high tech company. His unique set of skills will keep the company grounded and allow new energy systems to be developed and tested. His ambitions are simply stated, affordable energy for all, clean water for all, responsible advanced technology to improve our way of life, protection of our oceans, land resources and renewed air quality.
Mr. Kone is no stranger to the social issues of today.  He is enthusiastic about the corporate mission of Quantum Energy and can’t wait to establish Quantum Energy as an International example of balanced corporate, social and environmental well-being.

Michael Ballmann

Michael Ballmann
Michael Ballmann - Director
Michael Ballmann, age 33, has been appointed as an independent director of the Registrant and will be an independent member of the Registrants audit committee. He will serve in these positions until his successor is appointed and qualified.
Mr. Ballmann is highly experienced chief financial officer (“CFO”).  From 2018 to the present he founded Charis Capital Strategies, Dallas, TX, which offers CFO, investment banking, tax and financial services to small and medium businesses.  From 2015 to 2018 he was an independent contractor providing financial controller services to the United States Department of Defense, San Antonio, TX, where he combined his analytical abilities, financial modeling, cost-benefit analysis, and budget forecasting skills to support strategic level policies for the joint forces in North America and he provided in-depth financial and forecasting expertise that assisted strategic-level leadership decision making for critical financial objectives.  Also, from 2015 to 2018 he was senior investment analyst, Grigsby wealth Management, San Antonio, TX where he conducted customer research based off customer needs that put forward investment strategies, forecasts, and stock integration with equities and debt securities that would diversify portfolios and hedge against risks. From 2010 to 2015 he served as an independent contractor providing operations manager services to the U.S. Army, various locations and he planned and oversaw strategic, operational, administrative programs, projects, distribution, and business requirements of broad significance within the organization.
Mr. Ballmann holds a Master of Professional Accounting from the University of Miami and a Master of Science in Finance from Colorado State University.

Jeffery J. Mallmes

Director / President
Chairman and President of Dominion Energy Processing Group Inc. (DEPG)
Mr. Mallmes is highly recognized as one of Western Canada’s leading entrepreneurs, community advocate, and political change agent.
As a prolific entrepreneur Mr. Mallmes successfully owned, operated and financially backed several profitable and growth oriented corporations in Western Canada. From his origins in the welding, fabrication, and auto parts businesses, under Mr. Mallmes leadership and direction he has contributed toward major infrastructure expansion in the civil, industrial, and oil & gas sectors in British Columbia and Alberta.
The past 35 years of private sector success has now allowed Mr. Mallmes to enter the public sector as an elected official working with local government. His platform focuses on economic development through fiscally responsible capital projects and community driven initiatives including, researching and building district energy systems, establishing advanced technology to improve forest conservation (Community Forest), developing water shed modules, and working with local stakeholders building affordable homes for Canadian Veterans.
Mr. Mallmes will support Quantum Energy’s efforts in growth and development drawing from his entrepreneurial accomplishments, business acumen and investor prowess. His unique skill sets will be a great asset to the success of Quantum, and each operating subsidiary. His proven methodologies for sustainable business growth and profitability, will guide the corporation to financial prosperity. His background in the public sector, and its consensus environment, coupled with experience working with First Nations, will enable Quantum to effectively balance strategic business objectives with corporate social responsibility.